Wednesday, May 29, 2024
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Aster Project (ATC) Hot Debut in MEXC

Aster Project (ATC) (CEO Kang Bong-Jun), which is recently expanding the token economy ecosystem in Metaverse, was recently listed on MEXC, the hottest cryptocurrency...

Launched Korean-style Earth 2 (Metaverse Virtual Real Estate Exchange) ‘Metarex’

Recently, Metaverse, a three-dimensional virtual space such as ZEPETO and Earth 2, is attracting attention worldwide. TSnet (CEO Kang Bong-Jun), a specialized block chain...

NFT combined with metaverse tourism

‘Non-Fungible Token (NFT)’ is combined with the virtual world (Metaverse) to create a virtual tourism service. NFT is a technology that gives ownership to digital...