NFT combined with metaverse tourism

Jinsuk Ko, former CTO of I Love School, signed a partnership with XR company Awesomepia | Promotion of 'Healing Tour', a virtual tourism service combined with NFT | Expected to launch NFT combined with metaverse tourism through Astercoin

‘Healing Tour’ project, a metaverse service being prepared by Tenspace and XR company awesomepia

‘Non-Fungible Token (NFT)’ is combined with the virtual world (Metaverse) to create a virtual tourism service.

NFT is a technology that gives ownership to digital assets that anyone can duplicate, and through this, the ownership of digital assets (my avatar in the metaverse, etc.) It has been used in digital art transactions, but recently it is opening a new horizon in the digital content business by applying mixed reality (XR) technology.

Tenspace (CEO Jin-Seok Ko), a blockchain-based Fintech company, announced on the 13th that it is promoting a ‘Healing Tour Metaverse’ project with awesomepia (CEO Min Moon-Ho), a mixed reality (XR) company.

Virtual tourism ‘Healing Tour’ combined with NFT

The two companies are currently preparing a virtual tour metaverse called ‘Healing Tour’, with the purpose of providing healing through meditation through online tourism in a situation where Corona Blue is a social problem.

Customers can purchase virtual tour tickets according to their flight schedule and travel in the metaverse (virtual world) with their friends as avatars. You can experience historical sites around the world as well as communicate with your avatar friends you met during your travels.

The biggest difference of ‘Healing Tour’ is that virtual tourism contents created here can be traded on cryptocurrency exchanges later by applying NFT.

Tenspace’s Astercoin (ATC), a cryptocurrency to be used for these transactions, was listed on Bithumb Global last year. CEO Koh explained, “Although Astercoin and the healing tour are not connected right now, the healing tour will engage in NFT-based economic activities.”

Following Daehong Planning, a large general advertising agency, Tenspace, a blockchain company, also joined the awesomepia healing tour metaverse, and the market is maturing. Now, large domestic venture capital, which had been waiting for a while, also started showing interest in the growing metaverse eco system, and active discussions about investment are taking place.

* Jin-seok Ko, CEO of Tenspace, graduated from the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at Seoul National University and was in charge of the world’s first social media platform, ‘Iloveschool’. In 2019, it was also selected as one of the five global leaders by the global cryptocurrency exchange Huobi, and in 2020, it was also selected as a global research company, Gartner AI Cool Vendor.

** Awesomepia is a company that signed an agreement with Daehong Communications, a general advertising agency affiliated with Lotte Group, with the goal of setting 1,000 units nationwide after installing the mixed reality (XR) telescope BORA at the Dora Observatory in Paju last year. Awesomepia CEO Min Moon-ho is also an individual shareholder of Tenspace.