Launched ‘For The Dog’, a lifestyle blockchain platform for 14 million pet families

M2E service that receives token rewards for walking and jogging with pets | Development of optimal health indicators through biometric data collection and analysis | JB, CEO of FTD Foundation “Providing solutions in connection with veterinary and food company for pets”

FTD Foundation CEO JB is announcing the 1st Pawventure.

The development presentation of ‘For The Dog’ (hereinafter referred to as FTD), a big data-based service platform for companion animals for Petfam (Pet + Family), was held in Samseong-dong on the afternoon of September 7th.

The event was attended by 50 invited investors and related industry experts to introduce the development background, current status, and future plans of FTD.

FTD is a blockchain-based M2E (Move to Earn) service that allows you to walk, jog, and receive tokens with your companion animal.

The core value of this service is to build a systematic and sophisticated data system by collecting and analyzing the biometric data of companion animals obtained through petfam’s participation and activities.

Although various technologies such as big data, AI, and block chain are already changing people’s daily lives, companion animals are not yet grafted with these technologies compared to their marketability and interest.

JB, CEO of the FTD Foundation, said at the presentation, “For companion animals who cannot speak, the collection of such biometric and physical activity data and the grafting of advanced technology can be used as an influential indicator to inform the condition of companion animals more accurately.” The background of its development was added.

JB CEO said, “Moreover, based on this data, we will provide personalized and customized solutions for each user by synthesizing information obtained from related companies and companies such as animal hospitals and feed manufacturers.”

Recently, an M2E (Move to Eran) service that provides rewards for walking or going to a specific place has become a must-have app. FTD, which also includes companion animal activities, is so interested that tens of thousands of followers have already gathered through its online community channel even before its launch.

In particular, as one in four Koreans raise companion animals, the pet tech service is emerging as the companion animal market is expected to reach $4.3 billion by 2027 and the companion animal population will reach 14 million.

FTD aims to launch service in 4Q within this year

JB CEO said, “As the industry’s interest has already been confirmed through the community channel, FTD will spur aggressive marketing and development starting from this presentation.”

이권진(2022.09.08) “1400만 펫팸족을 위한 생활형 블록체인 플랫폼 ‘For The Dog’ 출시”
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