FTX and Alameda Invested in ‘TOSS Bank’s’ Largest Shareholder, Viva Republica, and Other Korean Companies

FTX and Alameda invested in three Korean companies - Toss Bank, Com2s and GetPIP

[Block media | Reporter Jung Ain] FTX and Alameda invested in three Korean companies, Toss bank officials sent a statement today saying “Alameda is not on the list of our major shareholders”. FTX and Alameda has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in the District of Delaware (United States District Court) last month.

The list of Toss bank’s major shareholders stated in the revised corporate disclosure of 2021, which Toss bank sent to Block Media, did not include Alameda or Maclaurin Investments Ltd. which is owned by Alameda. (*Table: Major shareholder list)

However, Alameda’s investment in TOSS is clearly presented in investment details and is also stated in the FTX Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing materials released by the Delaware Bankruptcy Court.
In response Block media has repeatedly asked TOSS, the largest shareholder of Toss bank, for confirmation of these details.

A TOSS official stated “If TOSS is mentioned in the investment details, it seems to be referring to Viva Republica, the largest shareholder of Toss bank.”

Viva Republica is the commonly known legal business name of TOSS. According to corporate disclosure materials disclosed by TOSS on March 31st, Viva Republica is the largest shareholder of Toss bank with 34.91% stake.

Block Media requested TOSS to disclose Viva Republica’s shareholder list and to confirm additional details. In response, TOSS officials stated “It is difficult to disclose shareholders other than those with 5% or more shareholding, which is compulsory to disclose in the business report.”

스텐리최(2022.12.08) “토스 관계자 알라메다, 토스뱅크 아닌 최대주주사 토스(TOSS)에 투자한 듯”
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