Forthedog (FTD), an M2E Platform for Pet Owners, Will Soon Launch Its Beta Version

The Forthedog Foundation has announced the official launch of its M2E platform in April. Alongside the platform, the NFT marketplace will be launched at the same time, and the 4,000+ 3D pet NFTs developed will be available soon.

M2E platform UI/UX provided by Forthedog Foundation

The pet-based blockchain Move to Earn (hereinafter M2E) platform FORTHEDOG (hereinafter FTD) project (CEO: Joon-bok Lee) will deploy a closed beta version of the app for user convenience and flawless testing in the ERC-20-based blockchain network before the official launch of the platform on the 30th. Currently, the M2E platform and NFT marketplace have completed the backend development and are in the process of applying the UI, and a total of 4,000 dog-based NFTs have been developed for the platform and are being further modified.

The platform is scheduled to officially launch in mid-April with about a month of modifications, and we are preparing an offline event for users who participated in the beta service. At the event, we will be able to share more details about additional listings, roadmap progress, and partnerships with users.

In addition, we are currently holding an NFT Naming Event, “What’s my name?”, to submit names for the 16 representative dogs of Forthedog, which will be finalized in the first half of this year and each dog’s name will be officialized.

Finally, through a partnership with Ujura Company (CEO: Yongju Shim), which has a pet digital healthcare AIoT (Artificial Intelligence of Things) solution, the B/T-based wearable device is expected to start testing in 4Q and collect more sophisticated pet biometric data.