CODE Enhances Cryptocurrency Travel Rule Solutions with New ‘Find VASP by Address’ Feature

Cryptocurrency travel rule solution provider CODE announced the launch of a new feature, ‘Find VASP by Address,’ on the 22nd. This feature allows users to search a cryptocurrency wallet address to identify the Virtual Asset Service Provider (VASP) that owns the wallet. It is particularly useful in cases of transfer errors when the receiving exchange is incorrectly selected, allowing users to re-verify the exchange through CODE, thus reducing user confusion.

The feature is easily accessible to all member companies connected with CODE through an API and has been updated on a dashboard exclusive to member companies, minimizing the input of development resources and enhancing convenience. CODE stated that this new feature has enhanced regulatory compliance transparency with nearly 100% accuracy.

Furthermore, CODE has designed a pricing policy based on usage, reducing cost burdens for users and improving accessibility. The new feature is available not only to exchanges using the travel rule solution but also to anyone through a separate membership sign-up.

Lee Sung-mi, CEO of CODE, emphasized, “This new feature was developed to enhance accuracy and convenience during the verification of send and receive wallet addresses. We will continue to expand the services needed by our member companies.