Asia’s largest Bitcoin conference, Bitcoin Seoul 2024

“Bitcoin Seoul 2024” will be held in Seoul from May 29 to May 31. Hosted by Seoul Economic Daily and organized by Decenter, Seoul Bitcoin Meetup, and Heartbeat, this event marks the first and largest Bitcoin conference in Asia.

The event will take place at the Shilla Hotel Yeongbin Gwan on May 29, and at Peach’s Dowon in Seongsu-dong on May 30 and 31. The conference will feature main sessions, side sessions, VIP private sessions, a welcome reception party, and various Bitcoin-related exhibition booths, offering attendees a wealth of insights and attractions.

The main session speakers include Saifedean Ammous, a professor of economics at the Lebanese American University and author of “The Bitcoin Standard”, respected developer and author of “Programming Bitcoin” Jimmy Song, Gloria Zao, who can directly approve code in the Bitcoin codebase, CTO of Lightning Labs Olaoluwa Osuntokun, lead developer of Utreexo Calvin Kim, and Kiyoung Joo, CEO of CryptoQuant, among other notable domestic and international speakers.

This event will cover a wide range of agendas including Bitcoin spot ETFs, traditional finance, cryptocurrency exchanges, regulations and policy, and investment strategies. It will comprehensively address issues such as Bitcoin’s speed and scalability improvements, mining technology, and the future prospects post the halving of Bitcoin, as well as topics on human rights and geopolitics.

Moreover, representatives from various enterprises such as Bithumb, Upbit, travel rule solution company CODE, domestic financial holdings, cryptocurrency infrastructure and security companies, and law firms will participate, providing insights into the latest industry trends.