“Win the Government-Lead Blockchain Project”… Fierce Competition between Large IT Companies

Ten operators for public blockchain pilot projects and three operators for private blockchain pilot projects will be finalized this month There are projects in various areas such as public safety, agriculture, and welfare This project has a high barrier to entry for small and medium-sized companies


Large information technology (IT) companies are competing for the ‘blockchain pilot projects for public and private sector’, which is managed by the Ministry of Science and ICT and the Korea Internet and Security Agency (KISA). In particular, there is fierce competition over ten projects in the ‘blockchain pilot projects for public sector’ that can accumulate public references in the process of applying blockchain technology to government organizations and local governments.

Preferred operators for blockchain pilot projects for public and private sector will be finalized this month after document and presentation screening.

■On the 20th, there was a presentation screening to select operators for public and private pilot projects

According to the related industry on the 22nd, the proposal presentation screening was conducted on the 20th to select ten operators for blockchain pilot projects for public sector and three operators (consortiums) for private sector-led blockchain pilot projects. In the private sector-led blockchain pilot projects, six consortiums that have passed document screening give presentations to be ranked in the top three and to become the preferred operators.

■Companies such as LG CNS and Hyundai AutoEver competed for this project

Most of projects of this year were consortiums composed of small and medium-sized companies or large companies such as LG CNS, Hyundai AutoEver, NH Nonghyup, Raonsecure, and BLOCKO. The budget of 6 billion won and 4.5 billion won will be invested in ten blockchain pilot projects for public sector and three private sector-led blockchain projects respectively.

■Large companies focus on Gangwon-do, a ‘blockchain-based digital healthcare regulation-free zone’

LG CNS, the main operator of ‘Blockchain-based electric vehicle battery life-cycle management system’ of Jeju-do, which was selected as a blockchain pilot project for public sector this year, has joined the project of Sejong City and the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety.

In addition, competition is fierce between large companies for Gangwon-do Province’s ‘Blockchain-based chronic disease integrated management platform’, which has a total project cost of 1.3 billion won reflecting the government expenses of 600 million won and the budget of Gangwon-do Province. Moreover, Gangwon-do Province is a ‘digital healthcare regulation-free zone’, so it is relatively advantageous to demonstrate blockchain-based services.

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