The future of Web3 technology unfolds in Seoul, with the hosting of Buidl Asia 2024

Global projects leading the world in Web3 technology will gather in Seoul at the end of this month to discuss the present and future of blockchain at Buidl Asia 2024. Notably, Ethereum’s founder, Vitalik Buterin, will be visiting Korea for the first time in two years, drawing significant attention. The event will be held over two days, on the 27th and 28th, in Jamsil, Songpa District, at the Signiel Seoul. It will feature over 40 leading figures from the blockchain world discussing a variety of topics through presentations and debates, including account abstraction, the cooperation between AI and Web3, chain abstraction, data availability, and the Bitcoin Layer 2 sector.

Vitalik Buterin will deliver a keynote speech on account abstraction and will subsequently engage in a discussion about the cooperation between artificial intelligence and Web3 with Ilya Polosukhin, CEO of Near Protocol. The topic of AI and Web3 is expected to be a major focus of the event, exploring the synergy between cutting-edge technologies.

Additionally, a panel discussion on chain abstraction will be conducted by representatives such as Zaki Manian of Sommelier, Adrian Brink of Anoma, and Dean Tribble of Agoric. In the field of data availability, Nick White, CEO of Celestia, a leader in modular blockchains, will present, while Muneeb Ali, the founder of Stacks, will give a lecture in the Bitcoin Layer 2 sector.

Discussions on community, an essential element of the Web3 ecosystem, will also take place. Professor Jang Dong-sun of Hanyang University and Yat Siu of Animoca Brands will conduct a debate focused on community and education, themed around brain connectivity.

In addition, representatives of various global projects will present on technological development status and directions, and Buidl Asia 2024 is planned around project-centric initiatives in line with the voluntary community culture of developers. It aims to provide valuable technical and recruitment information in partnership with about 30 domestic and international community partners.