Korea Security Token Association Launches STO Chain Platform to Revitalize the Security Token Market

The Korea Security Token Association (hereinafter referred to as KSTO Association) has taken its first step towards revitalizing the security token (Security Token Offering, STO) market by unveiling the STO chain platform, marking its full-fledged entry into the market. This platform simplifies the complex process of issuing security tokens and supports the entire process from issuance to trading in a one-stop manner, opening a new chapter in the domestic security token market.

In countries like the United States and Japan, where security tokens have been legalized, security token exchanges have already emerged, leading to rapid market growth. With the legalization process expected to be completed within the year in Korea, many securities firms are speeding up the development of their own STO platforms or collaborating with fractional investment platforms. Against this backdrop, the KSTO Association plans to make concerted efforts to activate the STO chain platform, considering this year a critical turning point in the STO coin market.

As part of these efforts, the KSTO Association recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the blockchain specialist company Metalab to develop a mainnet for security token issuance, strengthening cooperation. Metalab, a company with extensive experience in token and DApp development, plans to provide a foundation infrastructure for security tokens with the development of a high-performance mainnet capable of handling large-volume transactions.

This platform will offer various services such as token issuance and platform management, legal support related to securitization, and consulting on tokenization by asset type. In particular, by creating an environment where investors can easily find companies issuing STOs and stake STO coins conveniently, it is expected to greatly improve the accessibility and liquidity of the STO market.