[JULY]Know the Why Before You Ask the How

This is a letter about cryptocurrency and blockchain industry that our chief editor publishes once a month.


When our primitive forebearers first recoiled under the darkening sky of a total solar eclipse, each villager immediately came up with a theory as to why the world was ending. The holy men figured the gods were increasingly displeased by weak marbling in the recent beef offerings. The intellectuals sensed they were misled by the bartender’s dangerous ideas. Zagg the Hunter was certain that his excessive fornication had something to do with it.

Not sure if you noticed, but the doomsday guessing game is back in a big way.

Pandemic, protests, oil spills, locusts, or planet-warming cow farts. Pick your poison. Even if you don’t personally believe the world is ending, your investment strategies and portfolio are at least partially being shaped by people who currently see only horrendous times ahead. Investing in 2020 is not like investing in that carefree, bygone era of 2019, back when Quibi seemed like a good idea. People, workplaces, governments, and fundamental ideas of humankind are all undergoing extraordinary stress tests, and the fissures are showing.

Take heart. We’ve gone through worse. World War II lasted six years. Vengaboys lasted over twenty. Opportunity can be found if you search in new places. And remember, at least one thing about investing remains the same, and that’s the reason we invest. First, gain what you need. Then, gain something to pass along to others. Those motives should be clearer now than ever. Stay safe, stay generous, and best of luck on your journey.


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