Grinplus wants to improve the quality of life in a different way

1. The secret to the birth of a product is a culture that seeks to quickly improve the inconvenience of Koreans. 2. Worrying about natural, not artificial, healing methods from the patient's point of view 3. K-Product will be a new opportunity in an untact society

Grinplus hemorrhoids seat

[K-Product Interview] CEO of Grinplus

The business area of ​​Grinplus is
Grinplus was founded with the desire to improve the quality of life in a different way than before. Currently, under the brand Grinplus, we are developing and distributing a hemorrhoid seat that relieves the pain of hemorrhoids patients. You can get rid of the pain of hemorrhoids in a simple but most effective way without resorting to drugs or surgery.

You said you wanted to improve your quality of life in a different way than before. What does that mean?
Most of the patients with hemorrhoids are women, and as they repeat childbirth and childcare, they suffer from anal-related diseases. Especially when you are pregnant, you are anxious to take medications or undergo surgery. So, most pregnant women just endure and give birth. At this time, hemorrhoids that intensify adversely affect life after childbirth. We have solved the problem by taking hints from simple laws of nature and reflecting these inconveniences in our products. Simply put, it is a natural healing method.

I wonder what the principle is
To put it simply, it uses the law of gravity to restore normal blood circulation. Hemorrhoids have hundreds of thousands of capillaries in the anus. Hemorrhoids are the symptoms of blood clots forming due to blood circulation disorders in these vessels, swelling and clotting. The Grinplus seat will naturally return it to its original position.
Since it is a product to be used on the toilet, gravity is generated throughout the body, and the protruding part of the Grinplus seat generates pressure in the opposite direction to the anal tissue, raising the blood clotted and naturally restores blood circulation.

Grinplus Seat 
The strength of K-Product is
First of all, Koreans do not tolerate discomfort very well. This can sound negative in some ways. However, we are moving quickly and finding solutions to improve this inconvenience. Therefore, there are many products developed in Korea and sold all over the world.
In the past, the image of Korea was not imprinted on the world market. But now, most things such as culture, food, and products have a positive image, so I think that if we succeed in Korea, we will be competitive in the global market.

Do you only sell products online?
First of all, we are supplying products only through online distribution. Offline is of course important for the spread of products, but as a start-up, I thought it would be efficient to focus on only one distribution channel. In the process of introducing and distributing this product, many female MDs responded positively to the product and gained confidence.
Due to the nature of online distribution where products must be explained without face-to-face, delicate communication is essential, which is something we can do well, so I want to focus on online this year.

What is your future business plan?
We are reviewing overseas demand for hemorrhoids seats. In the past, when I conducted a survey of foreigners who came to Korea for medical tourism, I found that there is a lot of demand. After the Corona era, we plan to review overseas business. Now, at the end of the year, we are going to donate hemorrhoid seats to postpartum care centers or elderly homes in underdeveloped areas. I saw a campaign for free sanitary napkins one day, and it was shocking to see that there are still health blind spots. We also want to add a little power. I wish I had a good chance.


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