‘For The Dog’, A Project Receiving Love Calls from Overseas Venture Capitalists

'For The Dog', a dog M2E platform made with Korean technology and network, recently signed a partnership with TheVault, an investment company based in Silicon Valley, and declared a full-fledged global expansion.

'For The Dog', the first dog M2E platform linked to the metaverse

Recently, Silicon Valley-based TheVault signed a partnership with ‘For The Dog Team’, a pet-related metaverse company led by a Korean team.

Regarding the background of the partnership, Kevin Smith, president of TheVault, said:

“FTD successfully bridges online/offline for Web 3.0, starting with M2E – from walking your dog and in creating a more diverse ecosystem by adding your dog (and perhaps eventually all pets) into a largely human-centered Metaverse.”

Recently, Korea’s leading VCs, such as Korea Investment Partners and Stic Ventures, have invested more than 10 billion WON in domestic blockchain technology companies. While domestic venture capital (VC) investment in blockchain technology companies is not easily made, it is evaluated that the technology and the possibility of expanding the Metaverse business for this company were highly appreciated.

Overseas VCs are expanding their influence through early investment and partnerships with blockchain companies. In particular, overseas VCs are investing billions of dollars in business areas that combine X2E and Metaverse that reflect the latest trends.

In the blockchain investment area, which was a rather closed and their own league, traditional VCs are participating and the scale is increasing. In addition, they are interested in blockchain companies with the latest technology because they are looking for upgraded synergies with existing portfolio companies.

What kind of metaverse will dogs create in the future? We look forward to the next move of the For The Dog team.



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