Coinstreet Partners’ Collaboration with Magic Circle to Promote GOIR ( Global Online Investor Roadshow ) in China and Japan markets


Coinstreet Partners award-winning AI-powered decentralized investment banking group and professional consultancy firm in Digital Asset and organizer of Global Online Investor Roadshow (GOIR) jointly announced a partnership with Magic Circle to be the Regional Co-organizer of the Global Online Investor Roadshow (GOIR).
Magic Circle, a global tech and consulting company specializes in security tokens technology research and development services, security token offering(STO) consulting services, investor and public relations services. The partnership that takes an important step in unlocking the digital asset market and also provides more definitive possibilities for global compliant fundraising using blockchain for traditional assets. Through this partnership, Magic Circle will help to promote GOIR events and its unique investment opportunities to our extensive networks in Chinese and Japan markets, and solicit high-quality projects from local markets to be promoted in GOIR’s global investor network.
Global Online Investor Roadshow (GOIR) is the next generation, institutional scale, online private placement platform for private equity, alternative investments, and digital asset opportunities. It is the biggest online investor roadshow of its kind with the broadest reach, spanning across twenty (20) countries in ten (10 languages. Since its inception, GOIR has helped many investors secure unique investment opportunities and has allowed fund managers to curate investment deals online, to allow business to continue “as usual,” despite the unusual challenges of COVID-19. GOIR has become the “go-to event” for deal sourcing by professional investors and for fundraising from high-quality private companies.Samson Lee, CEO and Founder of Coinstreet Partners said: “China and Japan are two very important markets with huge market potential for STO in the future. We are very pleased to partner with Magic Circle to serve the needs of the enterprises and to promote education for the professional investors from the regions.”
Doer Qu, CEO and Founder of Magic Circle said: “We are very pleased to partner with Coinstreet on a comprehensive strategy in the STO space that will further enhance Magic Circle’s ability to fully serve its clients, while also helping them to reach a broader global investor base and meet the regulatory requirements of various jurisdictions when raising capital using STO – an innovative capital vehicle. GOIR, a network for global investors to invest in digital assets, Magic Circle will work with Coinstreet to select high quality digital assets and create global best practices in cryptocurrency finance.”
At the upcoming December GOIR event, keynote speakers will include James Cox, CEO of Straits Currency Fund, Mohammad Mahfoudh, Founder and CEO of Deca4, Chris Thomas, Head of Digital Assets at Swissquote Bank, Xiaochen Zhang, President of FinTech4Good and presenting projects will include Green Tek, LLC and Wave Financial’s Kentucky whiskey fund.

GreenTek, LLC is a green renewable energy development company, specifically formed to target the world’s most efficient, sustainable, economical, green energy technologies and solutions worldwide. We plan to source, fund, co-manage and exit each “portfolio company” from the development stage to a completed project. is a project that enables truly borderless access to large-scale, clean-energy development based on the profit-share model.
Wave Financial’s Kentucky whiskey fund is a unique tokenized fund backed by barrels of whiskey, which is estimated to increase in value by 3-5x over 5 years. The return profile is hard to access for average investors due to complex regulatory regime, scarce production capacity, and long hold period. GOIR
GOIR founded in April 2020 by Coinstreet Partners (“Coinstreet”), a decentralized investment banking group.Since its inception, GOIR has helped many investors secure unique investment opportunities and has allowed fund managers to curate investment deals online, so that business can continue “as usual,”.Each series of GOIR consists of four (4) online sessions in a week, covering (4) regions and multiple countries in the worldwide market.


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