Busan Digital Asset (BDX) and GreenX Sign MOU for Strategic Partnership

Busan Digital Asset Exchange (BDX) and Malaysia’s GreenX have agreed to jointly explore and list Real World Assets (RWA). BDX announced on the 2nd that it has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with GreenX, aiming to strengthen synergies between the two exchanges by sharing global networks and forming a cooperative body.

The MOU signing ceremony was attended by key representatives, including BDX CEO Kim Sang-min, GreenX CEO Philip Tam, ITC Vice President Choi Jung-geun, Credder CEO Lim Dae-hoon, and V-On Media CEO Shim Jun-sik. Both parties agreed to establish a long-term strategic partnership through mutual equity investments and pledged to strengthen cooperation in all business areas to gain leadership in the global digital finance market.

Following its collaboration with Osaka Digital Asset Exchange (ODX) in Japan, BDX views its partnership with GreenX as a significant step towards solidifying its position as a global RWA exchange. CEO Kim emphasized, “The cooperation with GreenX, which has 1.9 billion potential customers in the Islamic world through Sharia certification, will help Busan achieve its goal of becoming an Asian digital finance hub.”

GreenX is the only digital asset exchange in Malaysia that has received approval from the Malaysian government for digital assets and tokenized securities (ST), along with Sharia certification. It has secured more than 1.9 billion potential customers in Southeast Asia, the Islamic world, and the Chinese-speaking world. Currently, GreenX has listed products including gold, battery technology patents, and ceramic tokenization, as well as trading assets such as Tether (USDT), Ripple (XRP), Bitcoin (BTC), and Ethereum (ETH).

GreenX CEO Philip Tam stated, “Korea is a key country with a large economy and active investment in the digital asset sector. As a blockchain special zone, Busan is an important partner for GreenX to collaborate and pursue mutual development.” He added, “We will actively cooperate to help BDX grow by sharing our experience in RWA operations and aim for mutual growth through the highest level of cooperation.”

Through this partnership, BDX aims to secure high-quality RWA-based projects and establish a global digital alliance to expand its customer service base and build a blockchain ecosystem and value chain. To achieve this, the two companies have agreed to form a cooperative body, share experiences and know-how, and expand their network.

Industry experts believe that the establishment of a global digital asset exchange cooperative body between the two exchanges and the integration of GreenX’s network and know-how into BDX will positively impact the growth of the East Asian blockchain ecosystem.